Here are some of the best Miis you can add to Miitopia: Zelda, Mario, Sonic and more

Miitopia is a title that was released on Nintendo 3DS and that the big N wanted to port to Nintendo Switch. But it has not been limited to just that, as they wanted to deepen the process of creating and editing Mii, the characters that can represent us in the game, adding many more options in terms of makeup and hairstyles.

This title has a demo on the hybrid console’s eShop, thanks to which we’ve been able to see some impressive custom Miis shared online, with some of the best characters from the games now available thanks to an incredibly creative community of Mii creators. Below are just a few and if you’re interested in purchasing them, simply download them in-game using the codes below (if you can’t see them, just follow the tweet) and you can add them to your adventure:

The Legend of Zelda

Pokémon, Super Mario, Animal Crossing, Sonic y mucho más