The makers of DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch plan to add more improvements to it

As you know, both press and players were very satisfied with the Nintendo Switch port of DOOM Eternal. However, it seems that the developers are still planning to make improvements to this version.

The information was shared by Panic Button’s chief engineer Travis Archer in a recent interview with Digital Foundry. They acknowledge that they are proud of the graphical quality of the game that they achieved in this port, but say that they plan to release improvements to further improve performance.

In the interview, he acknowledges that there were some critical points in the development, such as the animated scenes, where the title drops to 20 frames per second, something necessary for the gameplay not to be affected. However, he adds that, in relation to the final result, he believes they can implement improvements and they intend to improve performance and overall quality.

No date or further details have been shared at this time, so we’ll keep an eye out for future updates or patches. In the meantime, what do you think?