Ring Fit Adventure could be the best-selling new JRPG of this generation

We’ve got some very curious news regarding one of Nintendo Switch’s titles. After checking Nintendo’s latest sales figures, gaming journalist Imran Khan has pointed out that Ring Fit Adventure is the best-selling new JRPG of this generation. Many gamers may find that statement strange, as you all know that in recent years there have been some big titles that have been really successful in terms of sales, such as Pokémon Sword and Shield, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Dragon Quest XI. The thing is that all of them are not really new, but are sequels.

Ring Fit Adventure is a brand new IP that launched on October 18, 2019 and boasts 8.68 million copies sold over its lifetime, as we learned yesterday thanks to Nintendo’s most recent financial results. Confinement has undoubtedly been key to this title selling much more, but that doesn’t detract from its merit, as it combines the exploration and turn-based combat of a traditional RPG with fitness-focused mini-games in a fun way. For this, as you already know, it includes a Ring-Con accessory and a leg strap that we must equip while playing.

Finally, we remind you that in Ring Fit Adventure players play the role of a hero destined to save the world from a powerful bodybuilding dragon, but to do so they must make their way by running in place and shooting with our ring in adventure mode, and fighting battles as we level up. This title also gives the option to access quick matches with simple exercises, as well as mini-games and series to complete alone or with friends and family.