Google comments on what the closure of its in-house Stadia development studios means for the industry

Many of you have probably already heard about the latest decision affecting Stadia, Google’s official cloud-based service. Now we bring you information on what this will mean for the gaming industry.

While at first Stadia was presented as a way to leave traditional video games behind, with an aggressive advertising campaign in which it went so far as to suggest that it could replace classic consoles, driving down the shares of companies such as Nintendo and Sony, it now seems that it has seen its internal studios closed and so will no longer develop its own games in the future. In fact, we haven’t seen any of its own games so far.

Apparently, this is because Google wants to focus on supporting long-term partners rather than investing in the high costs of in-house development. This is what has been shared:

‘We see a significant opportunity to work with partners looking for a gaming solution based on Stadia’s advanced technical infrastructure and platform tools. We believe this is the best way to build Stadia into a long-term sustainable business that will help grow the industry.

As you can see, their goal is to grow the video game industry. However, this decision has meant that Jade Raymond, who joined Google to create games, is now leaving the company while Google will continue to work with the rest of its talented team.

Remember that on Nintendo Switch we have recently received cloud-based games such as Control or Hitman 3, so it is good news that progress continues to be made in this type of technology.