My Nintendo Store Online opens in Australia and New Zealand

The official My Nintendo Store is now online in Australia and New Zealand. Those who want to buy from the online store can use money and platinum points. We will then add what is currently on sale:

  • Splatoon 2 All-in-One Nintendo Switch Box – $69.95
  • Super Mario 8-bit Blue Tablecloth – $48
  • Super Mario Boo Sleep Mask – $29.95
  • Super Mario Chain Chomp Towel & PET Bottle Holder – $24
  • Super Mario Foldable Backpack – $64.95
  • Super Mario Ground Stage Steel Bottle – $44.95
  • Super Mario Pipe Smart Card Holder – $29.95
  • Super Mario Question Block & Block Silicon Coasters – $24.95
  • Super Mario Travel Pattern Storage Pouch Set – $35
  • Super Mario Underground Warp Zone Apron for Adults – $48
  • Super Mario Underwater Stage Cooling Towel – $16
  • Super Mario Underwater Stage Tumbler with Straw and Lid – $29
  • Super Mario Wall Stickers – $28
  • Super Mario Warp Zone Apron for Kids – $40

If you’re looking to buy items through My Nintendo’s platinum points on the web, you can get a “Yoshi Canvas Pouch”, a set of Yoshi pens, a Nintendo Switch game storage case, and a “Legend of Zelda Smartphone Ring” phone add-on. Here we leave the store for you to take a look.