Bowser’s Fury in Super Mario 3D World on Nintendo Switch revealed in length and more details

As you know, the specialised press has already tested Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury and shared their first impressions (you can find ours here). Thanks to this, we have been able to learn new details about the game.

In this case, the information focuses on the hitherto mysterious Bowser’s Fury part. Through various media, it is confirmed that this part takes about 3 hours approximately to complete and another 3 hours approximately to unlock all the Feline Suns. In total, about 6 hours of duration for this part.

Along with this, they add that the world of this part is really gigantic with smaller islands coexisting in an open space. Each island has a set of unlockable Feline Suns that can be obtained by completing different quests, such as an obstacle course or finding them in a secret location. Media liken them to the red coin challenges of Super Mario 64 and there are some Suns that can only be obtained if Bowser Furious is active.

As for how to defeat Raging Bowser, it’s confirmed that we can only damage him when we’ve collected enough Feline Suns to activate the Giga Bell and become Giga Mario Feline. If he activates and you don’t have enough Suns, you must dodge him until you get a Feline Sun or Bowser gets tired of attacking.

In terms of controls, it’s confirmed that you can use the Nintendo Switch’s touch screen like on Wii U if you’re playing in handheld mode and also point and click controls if you’re on TV, similar to the stylus in Super Mario Galaxy. Also that Bowsy’s main function is to unlock items in Bowser’s Fury.

Finally, it is specified that amiibo can be used at any time by holding down the left button on the d-pad until the amiibo symbol appears on the screen. In this way, we can use different figures, including Bowser to unleash Bowser Fury in Bowser’s Fury, Bowsy to unleash a small explosion (which needs time to recharge again) and other amiibo figures to pop up random power-ups.