Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Here come the Spirits of Paper Mario: The Origami King!

The last chapter of the Paper Mario saga finally lands on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate thanks to the arrival of new Spirits! Paper Mario: The Origami King was released for Nintendo Switch last July 17.

Already after just over a month, in addition to the sales results, this title is also rewarded in the fight at home Nintendo.

The next event of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, in fact, is dedicated to the aforementioned video game.

This initiative will start on Friday, August 28th and will last 5 days.

The title in question will be celebrated thanks to the inclusion of three new spirits, Olivia, Princess Peach and King Olly.

All, of course, in origami version.

This occasion will be perfect for collectors of spirits, being very attentive to Olly who will be the most powerful of the three.

Do not miss this opportunity because it will be difficult to find such spirits in the future on the Spirit Board.