Pokemon HOME Update Prevents Impossible Trades, Improves Box Labelling, And More

The latest update for Pokemon HOME is rolling out for the Switch and mobile devices, adding a few more features in addition to compatibility with the Isle Of Armor Expansion.

The update’s notes reveal that it will also include measures to stop players from offering impossible Pokemon like level 1 Legendaries as “Pokemon Wanted” as well as a few other quality of life features. These can be found below:

  • Adds compatibility with the Isle Of Armor expansion for Pokemon Sword And Shield
  • Updated the GTS so that impossible search conditions cannot be set under “Pokemon Wanted”
  • Improved Box Labelling Function
  • Made various other fixes

In addition, dataminers have discovered the official Pokedex numbers of the three new Pokemon being added as part of the Isle Of Armor Expansion:

  • #891 = Kubfu
  • #892 = Urshifu
  • #893 = Zarude

What do you think?

Via: NintendoSoup