Champion Battles, Shiny Pokemon Eggs, And More Heading For Pokemon Masters

DeNA has published another installment of “A Message From The Pokemon Masters Team” detailing upcoming features for Pokemon Masters.

The latest update details some new features heading to the game soon, including Champion Battles, events that can give Shiny Pokemon Eggs, and other tweaks and adjustments to the experience.

You can check out the highlights below, or read the full update here.

  • Streamlined Sync Pair Training
    • More ways to strengthen Sync Pairs, scheduled to release during first anniversary
  • More Sygna Suits, Seasonal Sync Pairs, and generally more new characters in the works
  • Battling Champions
    • New mode where players can face off against the Elite Four and Champions of various regions
    • Will require a different approach compared to other battles
  • Egg Events
    • New Pokemon Egg events coming in July
    • Very rarely, Shiny Pokemon may hatch
  • New Legendary Event coming soon
  • Gameplay Tweaks
    • Stamina system for certain quests
      • With Stamina: Main Story (single-player only), Level-Up Area, Cap-Unlock Area, Sync Orb Area, Evolution Material Area, Some events.
      • Without Stamina: Legendary Arena, Battle Villa, co-op battles in general, certain other event battles.
      • Will launch on a trial basis to get player feedback
    • New Simplified areas for gathering specific items (e.g. Sync Orb Area, Evolution Area)
  • Next message will come in late July

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Via: NintendoSoup