All 9 Starter Nexomon Of Nexomon: Extinction Revealed

Wondering who will be accompanying you on your journey in Nexomon: Extinction on Switch? Here are the companions you’ll be able to pick from!

PQube has revealed the 9 starter Nexomon that players will be able to recruit at the start of the game. Each of them features a different element ranging from Water, Electric, Ghost, Fire, Psychic, Wind, Mineral, Plant, and Normal!

Check them all out below:

The story of Nexomon: Extinction starts with dramatic events that will throw you straight into the action! To help you act decisively and chose the perfect companion when the game is out later this summer, please meet the 9 starter Nexomon you will be able to chose from:

Element: Water 🌊

An amphibious flying Nexomon with heroic spirit. Its main characteristic is self-confidence and loyalty.

Element: Electric ⚡

A very curious Nexomon with the ability to walk on any surface with its sticky feet. They love to hide and stay hidden from others for long periods of time.

Element: Ghost 🕯️

A ghost Nexomon that can be found in the darkness. They tend to detach their heads to scare their opponents.

Element: Fire 🔥

Not for those who love to hug their Nexomon. Lume’s head, paws and tail are completely engulfed in flames.

Element: Psychic 🔮

People often confuse them as a ghost type Nexomon. Truth said, they are psychic Nexomon and have a somewhat obscure sense of humor.

Element: Wind 🌪️

Mearns are not as friendly as they look. They are actually wild Nexomon that inhabit the prairies and mountain skirts. Their entangled tails can use wind to their advantage while hunting.

Element: Mineral ⛰️

They are always eager to prove the durability of their horns, they love to do headbutting competitions.

Element: Plant 🌿

Maras are adorable and intelligent Nexomon who know how to use their charm in their favor during battles with tamers. Loves to be pet.

Element: Normal ⚪

Dinja features short legs, adorable big ears and a huge fluffy tail. Since they aren’t good runners, they prefer to move by hopping their way.

Nexomon: Extinction will be hitting Nintendo Switch in Summer 2020.

We’ll report back as we hear more!

Source: NintendoSoup