Sonic Games Now Have Longer Development Cycle For Improved Quality

In a recent livestream on the official Sonic The Hedgehog Youtube Channel, brand manager Aaron Webber answered a series of fan questions about the franchise, including when the next game can be expected to come out.

Although we know that the next game is officially in development, there has been little to no news shared about it since then. In response to fans asking about when they might see an official announcement and trailer, Webber said that they plan to take their time with this one in order to make sure the next Sonic title is a polished product.

This is the case when, back in the day, every year there used to be a new Sonic game. And as a result of that, there are a number of times that because of that rushed production schedule, the quality of the games wouldn’t be quite where they needed to be. And so, a couple of years ago we actually said, “Hey, that’s gonna change, we’re gonna put more time into things.” And that’s gonna mean that you have to wait longer between trailers and announcements and stuff like that, and we know that’s kinda annoying sometimes. We’re really excited for what’s to come, but we can’t say anything. So thank you for being patient, and as soon we have news to share with you, we’ll share it with you.

Given the rather lukewarm reception Sonic’s games have received in recent years, its probably for the best that his future outings have a little more time in the oven before release. We will be sure to bring more updates about any new Sonic announcements as they come.

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Via: NintendoSoup