Rumor: Pokemon Generation 3 Source Code Leak Reveals Beta Pokemon Names, Scrapped Pokemon And More

Earlier this week, a mysterious 4chan user leaked the source code for several Pokemon Generation 3 games, which includes Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald, as well as Firered & Leafgreen.

Since then, various Pokemon romhackers, dataminers, and fans have been digging through the code to see what interesting tidbits they can uncover. One of these fans going by Eclipse has shared their findings online, which includes Beta names for Pokemon like Jirachi and Deoxys, as well as the potential number of scrapped Pokemon that were previously planned for the game.

Check out the highlights below, or read Eclipse’s full thread here:

  • Although Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire launched on November 21 2002, the source code suggests that it was originally planed to release on March 17 2003. This could mean that they wrapped up development early.
  • Pokemon Contests were planned to have an additional stat where different judges would have their own “favorite Pokemon Type” and “favorite Move”, but this was scrapped in the final release.
  • Beta Pokemon Names
    • Ganboo –> Jirachi
    • Jiigen –> Deoxys
    • Bachin –> Plusle
    • Bachikone –> Minun
  • Index numbers suggest that 68 Pokemon were scrapped from Generation 3, no sprites or other details as of yet.
  • The Beta code confirms that “combined moves” were planned to be included in Double Battles (e.g. Ember + Gust = Heat Wave)
    • Note that this is not new information, as this scrapped code was also present in the final release build for the games.

Eclipse has stated that they will continue to post more of their findings on Twitter, so keep an eye out for more details.

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Via: NintendoSoup