Random: Streets Of Rage 4 Utilizes Switch’s Online Friend Invites

Streets of Rage 4 released last week and lets players connect using the woefully underused Switch Online Friend Invite system.

The Nintendo Switch has a feature which lets them invite people on their friend list to multiplayer games with them directly.

Streets of Rage 4 allows you to invite existing friends when you go to play online which enhances the multiplayer experience tremendously compared to other games on Switch which require out-of-game planning to plan online play.

NintendoLife outlines the process in the pics below:

GameXplain showed this feature working with Divinity: Original Sin 2 a few months ago but there aren’t many other games implementing this quality of life feature to multiplayer portions of games.

At least prominently.

Are there other games that you’d like to see this feature available for?

And what do you think?

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Via: NintendoSoup