Random: Pokemon Fan Recreates Entire Sinnoh Region Map In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Previously, we have seen creative Animal Crossing: New Horizons players recreate cities from other popular games with their islands, including many from the Pokemon series.

Now, one player going by assaultepic on Reddit has taken this idea one step beyond by recreating an entire Pokemon region in New Horizons.

As you can see below, assaultepic has transformed their island into an almost perfect replica of the Sinnoh Region from Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, even going as far as to include each individual route and “town”.

In the same thread, assaultepic further elaborates on some of their other plans for the setup, including “starter hoodies” and making the villagers gym leaders.

They also admit that even though the island looks good from above, its not quite as pretty a picture on ground level:

I made some custom hoodies with the starters and put them in Able Sisters so that the villagers can “pick their starter”. Not seen any do so yet though

I’ve also been trying to make the villagers look like gym leaders by giving them clothes.

So far I’ve got Volkner Ricky and a few others.

To be honest, it’s rather cramp, especially because I used cliffs to fill in the middle part.

I haven’t done much with the island itself besides making the map, I wasn’t sure what to do next!

What do you think?

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Via: NintendoSoup