Pokemon YouTuber Discovers Glitch That Tags Video As “Made For Kids”

Pokemon Card Youtube channel Leonhart shared a video recently about his experience with a Youtube bug that has affected his channel and several others.

Leonhart is known for seeking rare Pokemon cards from packs but noticed that his videos haven’t been performing as well in terms of views in recent months. After contacting Youtube, he learned that his content was being tagged as “Made for Kids” This label can have several negative effects on channels such as disabling the “bell notification” for viewers which happened in this case.

“They weren’t even able to ring it. And when they tried to a little thing popped up that said “This content is disabled on videos that are made for kids,” he said. After observing this happening on other Pokemon channels, he contacted YouTube support who confirmed that the glitch existed.

“They said ‘The engineers are aware of this issue, and are currently working on it’” That is what the engineers are confirming is an issue, and this has been the problem since April. So, there you have it guys, the big problem that has been causing the downward trend of thousands of channels,” he said.

Leonhart shared Youtube’s analysis of the issue which showed that the videos were not being affected on the analytics shown to the channel owners but it was appearing on the Youtube internal side.

“It’s literally stopped suggesting your old videos and not promoting your new videos.”

Leonhart stated that even channels outside of Pokemon card channels have been affected. While it’s easy to point to Pokemon’s initial target audience being kids, it has evolved in the last twenty years to be a worldwide media giant with fans of all ages.

Do you know any channels that have been affected by this bug?