Pokemon Masters Ver 1.10 Update Adds Bugfixes And New Features + Datamined Sync Pairs For June

DeNA has published a new update for Pokemon Masters, which adds a number of quality of life features to the game and more.

As detailed within the in-game news, this update adds the following new features for all players:

  • Added a feature to go directly to Events or Sync Pair Scout from the News page.
  • You can now jump to individual news pages by speaking to sync pairs in the Pokémon Center that display an event icon.
  • Fixed an issue in which in some regions, when transferring to iOS under certain conditions, the player would be unable to proceed past the title screen.
  • Fixed an issue in which passive skills that trigger when receiving attacks would take effect even if the attack failed (due to status conditions, etc.).
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements have been implemented.

In addition, dataminers have combed through the update and discovered that the following new Sync Pairs and Events are scheduled to release for the game in June:

  • Sync Pairs
    • Dawn & Turtwig ~ 28 May to 11 June 2020
    • Sygna Suit Grimsley & Sharpedo ~ 11 June to 25 June 2020
    • Burgh & Leavanny ~ 18 June to 2 July 2020
  • Events
    • The Importance of Elegance (Caitlin Event) ~ 18 June to  2 July 2020
    • Water-Type Training Event ~4 June  to 18 June 2020
    • Steel-Type Training Event ~ 23 June 2020 to 7 July 2020
    • The Star of the Contest ~ 28 May yo 11 June 2020

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Via: NintendoSoup