Liberated Hopes To Appeal To Both Comic Book Readers And Gamers

We got a chance to sit down with Walkabout Games to talk about their upcoming game Liberated, where they gave us a look at their action-shooter within a comic book. Hoping to reach out to both comic book lovers and gamers out there, Liberated was created with both communities in mind.

The developers understood that there was a certain novelty with the concept and spent countless hours trying to capture the comic book feeling while bringing exciting and thrilling gameplay to audiences. The game even underwent three iterations before arriving at the best of both worlds.

The game will feature a Player mode for more experienced gamers and a Reader mode for comic book fans to relax and enjoy the story behind Liberated. Both modes will put gamers into the different perspective of a cyberpunk world at revolution.

Liberated comes out for the Nintendo Switch on 2 June 2020. You can preorder the game now for a 20% discount on the Nintendo eShop.

Via: NintendoSoup