Doctor Who Game Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2021

Digital entertainment studio Maze Theory has unveiled plans to launch a Doctor Who game on Nintendo Switch.

Based on BBC’s long-running Sci-Fi TV series, this new Doctor Who game for consoles is planned to be part of a “Trilogy of Experiences” that includes the Doctor Who: Edge Of Time VR game as well as a new upcoming mobile title.

Unfortunately, not much else about the game has been revealed apart from its planned launch window of 2021.

You can check out the full details below as posted on Maze Theory’s website:

Digital entertainment studio, Maze Theory, announces an expansion plan to develop multi-tech, gaming experiences for fans of popular franchises Doctor Who and Peaky Blinders, and for new and original content, following funding by the UK Creative Content EIS Fund.

The studio, renowned for its work in virtual reality (VR) gaming, will deliver games for multiple devices including PC, console and mobile; significantly growing its user base.

The Doctor Who franchise expansion kicks off early next year with the launch of a PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Switch game and a horror/sci-fi mobile phone takeover game being developed in partnership with Kaigan Games.

The three games create a trilogy of experiences, the first of which was Doctor Who: The Edge of Time VR game which launched in November 2019.

Fans can expect new adventures, new game mechanics, intriguing subplots and iconic features such as the TARDIS, terrifying Weeping Angels, imposing Daleks and – of course – the chance to collude with the Doctor herself.

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Via: NintendoSoup