X-Force Joins Deadpool In Fortnite Crossover

Epic Games has announced another part of the ongoing Deadpool crossover tie-in for Fortnite.

Following on the heels of the Merc With A Mouth, X-Force members Cable, Domino and Psylocke have joined the fray in Fortnite.

The X-Force part of the crossover includes another round of new outfits and missions based on the characters.

Here is the YouTube video trailer, including all details:

Deadpool has decided it’s time to move out of The Agency. As his “best friend” — at least for now — it goes without saying that it’s your responsibility to help him pack.

In his Week 9 Challenges, collect his unmentionables and salute his pants to unlock the X-Force style of the Deadpool Outfit!

You don’t have to worry about driving him to the airport, though, for the X-Force has arrived to rally the infamous Merc.

Wreak heroic havoc and squad up the X-Force, including:

Cable, the time-displaced, battle-hardened leader of the X-Force.
Psylocke, the telekinetically-enhanced master martial artist.
And Domino, the elite mercenary with luck always on her side.

All three and their gear are now available in the Item Shop!

If you haven’t completed Deadpool’s previous two Challenges, there’s still time!

To unlock Deadpool’s Outfit, make sure you have the Chapter 2 – Season 2 Battle Pass and complete his Week 7 Challenges: finding 2 of his Pistols and bringing them to him.

And for the Maskless style of Deadpool, make sure you complete his Week 8 Challenges: finding his pool floaty and taking part in his Yacht Party.

All of Deadpool’s Challenges will be available until the end of the Season.

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Via: NintendoSoup