Sonic Artist Tyson Hesse Discusses Two-Character Cameos In The Sonic Movie

Although the Sonic movie takes place in its own separate universe, it contains quite a few references as well as a few early cameos of important characters from the original games.

Now that the movie has been out for a while, Sonic the Hedgehog artist Tyson Hesse has shared some new behind-the-scenes info about these early cameos.

The first of these is confirmation that the echidna character that attacks Sonic and his adoptive owl mother at the start of the film is indeed Pachacamac, the ancient warlord chief of the Knuckles clan who appeared in Sonic Adventure.

In addition, Hesse also discussed the character who appears in the post-credits scene, perhaps the most major Sonic character cameo in the film.

According to Hesse, the cameo was planned from the very beginning and not something that he suggested.

That said, Hesse mentions helping out with the character’s design, and we can only imagine what he originally looked like before.

The post credits scene, just to clear this up, is something that was always planned.

I’ve seen people speculate that I had something to do with him showing up, but he was always there.

I just helped with his design…

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Source: NintendoSoup