Pokemon Masters new update out now (version 1.9)

A new update for Pokemon Masters has been released (version 1.9) and it brings a long awaited feature – the ability to hatch eggs.

Eggs hatch after completing a series of battles in different areas and they hatch into Sync Pairs.  It is then possible to raise the power of the Pokemon that hatch from the eggs with an item called a Berry Tart (which will be added in a future update). Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle are currently available to hatch from eggs, although more Pokemon will be added later. Each require 5 completed battles in order to hatch. 

Other additions include a Daily Scout which you can use to obtain daily Sync Pairs/items at no cost and a feature that allows you to change the order that enemies will target your team members. 

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Via: NintendoEverything

Via: NintendoSoup