New Nintendo 2DS LL Prices Surge In Japan Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

In the last few months, Nintendo Switch prices have increased across the world due to shortages. Now something even more unusual is happening in Japan.

Price tracker Kakaku, which tracks price movements for a variety of products across major retailers in Japan, has recorded an increase in New Nintendo 2DS LL prices over the last few months.

As there have been no new titles released for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems in 2019, it may seem quite unusual at first, but the reason is simple – the coronavirus outbreak is keeping many at home and the New Nintendo 2DS LL is a fallback for those who can’t find a Nintendo Switch.

In January 2020, the cheapest New Nintendo 2DS LL cost 10,000 yen, and in April 2020, that has surged to 13,775 yen. Keep in mind that while the MSRP is 16,478 yen, Japanese retailers slashed prices last year due to falling demand.

See the chart below:

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Source: NintendoSoup