Metallic Child Developer Pranks Fans With Fake Mega Man Cameo Announcement On April Fools’ Day

Excited to learn more details about the upcoming Nintendo Switch brawler Metallic Child?

Well, you’ll have to wait a little longer for genuine information, because the game’s developer just messed around today instead!

As part of an April Fools’ joke, Studio HG released a fake trailer that depicts none other than Capcom’s Mega Man himself fighting alongside the game’s protagonist Rona.

Despite being bogus, the parody trailer actually shows off some really cool hypothetical gameplay as Mega Man – further rubbing salt into the wounds of hopeful fans!

Check it out below, if you think your heart can handle it.

“Rona is fighting with the Mega man! Enjoy Mega Buster in Metallic Child! ^O^ #Rockman #Megaman #AprilFoolsDay

What do you think of this elaborate ruse?

Would you have loved for it to be real?

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Source: NintendoSoup