Capcom Prices Mega Man Ring At 690 Million Yen As April Fools’ Day Prank

Looking to seal your love with a little Mega Manpower?

It might cost you big bucks…

If Capcom’s little prank today was for real, that is.

The company’s news blog Rockman Unity recently announced a pre-order listing for what appears to be a new Mega Man ring, along with promising Sigma and Mac rings in the future.

What gives this joke away, however, is the ring’s astronomical price: a whopping 690 million yen (or roughly $6.4 million USD)!

Fortunately, you can’t actually burn that much cash for the ring, since Capcom left it ‘out of stock’ on the store page.

Still, we’ve seen some April Fools’ products like this become real in the past – so it’s quite possible the ring will become available for purchase (at a more reasonable price) eventually!

We’ll report back if that’s the case.

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Source: NintendoSoup