Animal Crossing: New Horizons datamine raises the possibility of Dream Suite return, other tidbits

Animal Crossing: New Leaf introduced a building called Dream Suite. It allows players to visit dream versions of other players’ towns (both friends and random), or share theirs online with others without any real repercussions. The feature is a little different from visiting a town regularly since limitations are in place – you can’t visit shops or cause any havoc for example.

Despite those limitations, Dream Suite is an interesting little feature. It’s something that Nintendo hasn’t brought into the series’ latest entry, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, there’s a chance that it could return in the future.

Dataminer Ninji has uncovered possible evidence of Nintendo setting up the feature as part of a future update, but warns that fans shouldn’t assume it will happen. Hints include a “DreamID” that has been present since version 1.0.0, the addition of “ActorNetDreamLand” in version 1.2.0, and a new block of code that involves sending a pack of data to Nintendo’s servers.

Ninji shared a few other tidbits this week as well. It seems that Nintendo has improved upon how it handles the code/files to prevent further leaks, though we still have some scraps of information. Some bits may have been known by simply playing through the game following this week’s update, but in any case, here’s what was posted:

– Foggy Chair not included anywhere in the latest update
– Three new Nook Miles achievements related to new features
– Redd’s shop can be used by visitors to your island
– Coelacanth and olive flounder behave slightly differently as shadows in water
– New tool in the files: ‘worn axe’ (apparently has durability 3)
– Couple of new furniture items (outside of Redd’s art/sculptures)
– Diving still being worked on
– New related strings: “Creature” and “Plants”

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