Transform Your Animal Crossing NookPhone Into A Mega Man Battle Network PET With This Custom Design

Want to give your Animal Crossing: New Horizons NookPhone a futuristic makeover?

Now you can!

Those familiar with the Mega Man Battle Network series will no doubt remember its iconic PETs – personal devices that allow humans and their digital ‘navi’ assistants to access and explore cyberspace.

Well, Mega Man fan @GetEquippedWith took a stab at re-creating the Advanced PET from Mega Man Battle Network 4 as a NookPhone custom design in New Horizons – and here’s how it turned out!

@GetEquippedWith also shared the QR code for the design (see below).

So feel free to scan it with your Nintendo Switch Online phone app and add it to your own game!

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Source: NintendoSoup