Super Nintendo World AR Binoculars Possibly Detailed In New Patent

Still have plans to visit the opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan, this year?

Well, you might be in for an eye-opening Augmented Reality (AR) experience!

A new patent under Universal Studios has emerged – revealing what could be AR binoculars for Super Nintendo World (you can see the uncanny resemblance to Super Mario 3D Land‘s binoculars above).

Supposedly, these would let guests play a game where they aim the binoculars at various spots around the park.

Here’s what we know about the patent, along with more images from the patent document (courtesy of Orlando Park Stop):

  • It was filed last month
  • The binoculars are described as a “mixed reality viewer system and method”
  • When a user zooms as far as possible, the binoculars transition from AR to VR
  • This will reveal a fake digital scene playing out
  • The AR technology will work from multiple vantage points at the same time
  • An example is given where users must virtually fill a water tank by using a button while their view is zoomed in on the tank
  • After the tank is filled, guests are rewarded by seeing a virtual response
  • This binoculars system may also find its way into dark rides

Of course, we urge readers to take this patent with a pinch of salt for now – as we don’t know the full specifics of what it is actually for at Universal Studios.

We’ll report back when we get more confirmation in the future.

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Source: NintendoSoup