Sonic’s Movie Redesign Took About 7-8 Weeks To Complete

Although now one of the most successful videogame movies of all time, the Sonic The Hedgehog movie got off to a rough start due to the immense backlash it received over Sonic’s original design for the film.

As many of you may recall, the initial reception was so bad that Paramount decided to delay the film from its original 2019 release to redesign Sonic for the movie.

Speaking to FXGuide, the film’s VFX supervisor Ged Wright revealed just how long it took for them to touch up Sonic’s looks:

“…a lot of the work that the team had already done as far as the look of Sonic’s fur, should he have eyelashes and what they look like…

How we should handle the eyes…

All that kind of stuff was actually directly translatable over to the new design.

I think the redesign took only seven or eight weeks, which is a record at MPC for the design of a 3D character.”

Wright also shared about how director Jeff Fowler visited the VFX team to inform them about the changes, as well as thank them for their hard work.

“Jeff (Fowler) was kind enough to come up to Vancouver along with people from Paramount and he gave a really lovely speech to the whole crew, and I could see that it meant a lot to them.

That the person that’s making this film came, rather than sending an arbitrary edict from LA.

Instead, he had come and was thanking them for their energy.

Jeff was excited by the opportunity and expressed that to them.

He also had time, to sit one-on-one with various artists.

Jeff definitely took the time to recognize that people had invested a lot of their personal lives in this and that you need to say thank you.”

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Source: NintendoSoup