Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Surpasses $300 Million Worldwide

Last month, Sonic the Hedgehog finally debuted in cinemas worldwide.

With the movie well past its highly-ridiculed first trailer, here’s an updated look at its earnings so far!

As of today, the movie has pulled in just over $301 million worldwide.

This does pale in comparison to Detective Pikachu’s $433 million earnings from last year, but one should note that Sonic the Hedgehog was indefinitely delayed in China and Japan due to the coronavirus outbreak – so the comparison isn’t exactly fair per se.

Domestically in the US, the film hit $143.2 million in gross earnings – which is just right behind Detective Pikachu’s $144.1 million.

In other words, Sonic the Hedgehog is less than $1 million from becoming the highest-grossing videogame movie in the US!

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Source: NintendoSoup, GoNintendo, ComicBook