Shigeru Miyamoto Shares His Love For Pokemon GO, His Work At Super Nintendo World, And His Love for Apple

The third part of the Weekly Famitsu interview with video game creator Shigeru Miyamoto has been translated in English thanks to BlackKite.

In the interview, Miyamoto revealed that he’s been playing Pokemon GO regularly in recent days.

He didn’t start playing the game first – it was his grandchild and daughter-in-law who got into it last year, and later Miyamoto’s wife followed suit.

Miyamoto also revealed his wife asked him to help her catch Heracross when he’s going to Universal’s HQ in Orlando, as it is a regional exclusive.

Next, Miyamoto talked about his work at Super Nintendo World, which is opening this summer at Universal Studios Japan first.

Miyamoto would give guidelines on various Nintendo IPs to Universal, while Universal will figure out things such as safety details for attractions and crowd control.

Universal also suggested for Super Nintendo World to first open in Japan first as the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is coming up.

Last but not least, Miyamoto shared his love for Apple products, as all Apple hardware has the same type of architecture, meaning all versions could work on the same phone.

Hence the likes the company’s approach for “prioritizing customers’ usability with well-set limitations.”

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Source: NintendoSoup, Nintenderos, JapaneseNintendo