Shigeru Miyamoto Comments On His Involvement In Breath Of The Wild, Believes The Only Creator Is God

The Weekly Famitsu has published a new lengthy interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, the legendary developer who created Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda.

In the interview, Miyamoto commented on his involvement in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

He said he wasn’t excessively involved in the game’s development and mainly focused on working on its controls, which is something important to him.

Miyamoto was also involved in the early stages of the project, such as deciding its base concepts and direction it would take in its first 30 minutes.

After that, he left the rest of the work to other developers and wished them good luck.

Besides Breath of the Wild, Miyamoto spoke about what the concept behind “creator” was to him.

He believes that nobody else except God could be called a creator, and he considers himself as an editor.

He cites what Shigesato Itoi once said (translated by BlackKite and compiled by Japanese Nintendo):

“[Being called] Creators or Creations are absurd.” The only one who may be called a Creator would be God.

Nobody is doing any Creations and what all of them are doing is Editing.

Miyamoto agrees with this and considers himself as an Editor.

People would just repeat editing things they had absorbed in the past, and the results will be different for each person.

The most important thing for Miyamoto to make games right now is the sensation that is similar to throwing a dart with one’s own style – without bothering with scientific approaches like angles or stances – and having it land exactly where one wants it to be.

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