Rumor: Nintendo Indie Games Showcase Set For Next Week, Followed By Nintendo Direct Soon After

It looks like the dry season of Nintendo news might finally be coming to an end this month.

Based on new rumblings and industry whispers, it looks like Nintendo may be hosting indie games showcase next week (likely on March 18), which could then be followed by an actual Nintendo Direct a week later (likely on March 26).

This all comes courtesy of VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb – who cited “what [they’re] hearing as well as some other indicators.”

“The publisher hasn’t announced the Direct yet, so things could change…and yes, this is absolutely me hedging.

But Nintendo is deep into the process of putting the event together based on what I’ve heard. It has decided many of the third-party games it will include in the event.

So it’s definitely happening—and almost certainly before the end of March.”

When contacted by VentureBeat about this, Nintendo reportedly declined to comment.

While somewhat murky, this rumor isn’t without precedent. Last week, Nintendo of Japan’s Direct playlist on YouTube silently updated again – as it often does before an imminent Direct broadcast.

Just yesterday, the retailer GAME UK also seemingly leaked that the LEGO Super Mario collaboration was supposed to be revealed in a Nintendo Direct – implying that one was or is still being planned.

Overall, all these signs appear to be bubbling together into something big soon.

As with all unconfirmed information, however, we urge our readers to take Grubb’s words with a grain of salt – as anything could change from now and in the next days.

We’ll report back if we hear more in the future.

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Source: NintendoSoup, Gematsu, Venturebeat