Random: Bizarre Pokemon GO Glitch Results In Some Pikachu Having No Ears

Been waiting for a wacky new variant of Pikachu to spawn in Pokemon GO?

Well, your wishes have finally been granted… sort of.

As you can see above, some players have reported a strange glitch which results in Pikachu having no ears!

In their place are just two nubs, which leaves Pikachu looking rather bald and bizarre…

Fortunately, it looks like the issue was resolved (either by chance or thanks to Niantic) – and these players’ Pikachu reverted back to their adorable old selves.

The root cause of this bizarre glitch is not entirely clear for now – but at least it doesn’t seem too disruptive for players.

Have you spotted some of these ear-less Pikachu yourself?

Comment below!

Source: NintendoSoup