Random: Animal Crossing New Horizons Players Overrun With Bugs And Fish When Starting Out

Those of you familiar with the Animal Crossing series are likely well aware that the games are typically pretty slow-paced when starting out, especially when not all the facilities have been unlocked.

In the latest installment Animal Crossing: New Horizons, one particular problem has cropped up for quite a few players during the first few days of the game: Their islands getting absolutely overrun with insect cages and fish tanks.

This is because a big part of Animal Crossing is collecting bugs and fish to donate to the game’s museum.

However, due to limited inventory space and the museum only opening after a few days of playtime, many players have been forced to store their hard caught critters in boxes/cages on the ground.

You can check out some examples shared on social media below:

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Source: NintendoSoup