Nintendo Switch Resale Prices Skyrocket In The US Due To Shortage

Nintendo has been dealing with low stock on the Switch for a few weeks now, and it all stems from the coronavirus.

The impact of the pandemic has hit Nintendo hard in the manufacturing process, and they simply don’t have the facilities to create enough units to go around.

The regular Switch has become near impossible to find in various countries, and that includes the U.S.

To cash in on the shortage, scalpers have started jacking up prices for the console in the US, with some Amazon and eBay third-party sellers asking for USD470 – USD550 for a Nintendo Switch (the MSRP is USD299.99).

The Nintendo Switch Lite, which is still readily available at some retailers, is going for up to USD300 on various websites (the MSRP is USD199.99).

Nintendo hasn’t given word on when to expect more shipments of the Switch, so these prices are just going to keep climbing.

Hopefully Nintendo can remedy the situation soon, but obviously there are more important things to worry about before that can happen.

As China is starting to open up again, the shortages should be dying down in the next 2 months.

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Source: NintendoSoup, GoNintendo