Nintendo Bans Customer For Redeeming Nintendo Switch Games Purchased On G2A

If you’ve ever been tempted to purchase a really cheap Nintendo Switch download code from G2A, you probably might want to think twice after reading this story.

Reddit user ck02623 claimed their Nintendo Account was banned after redeeming a Nintendo Switch download code he purchased from G2A.

G2A is a marketplace where users can buy and sell download codes, and it has an infamous reputation because codes procured through illegal means, such as via a stolen credit card, are dumped there at low prices.

After ck02623’s Nintendo Account was closed, they lost access to their save data and every single game they downloaded.

Realizing the mistake they made, they quickly approached Nintendo for help in reinstating their Nintendo Account.

Nintendo will make a decision after reviewing the G2A transaction, PayPal transaction, and proof of dispute.

Thankfully, ck02623 has learned this lesson “the hard way” and swore to never buy a game from G2A again.

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Source: NintendoSoup, Reddit Link 1