Miyamoto Says Mario Does Not Kill People, Comments On Whether It’s Okay For Mario To Punch

The latest issue of the Weekly Famitsu has been released this week, sharing details from an interview with Nintendo fellow Shigeru Miyamoto.

During the interview (translated by BlackKite), Miyamoto spoke about two terms “Nintendo-like” and “Mario-like”.

Basically, anything that isn’t “Nintendo-like” and “Mario-like” isn’t a good thing.

He explained “Mario-like” as something close to the term “relief”, and when he asked Yoichi Kotabe to draw a picture of Mario, he told Kotabe that Mario “does not kill people”.

But the term doesn’t mean “he doesn’t trample insects underfoot either”, so it’s something moderate and in between.

Miyamoto also commented about the time where people were worried about Mario punching in Super Smash Bros., which could have made him look aggressive. Miyamoto would explain to these people that “Well, Mario also did things like pulling a turtle out of its shell”.

So in order to make it more permissible for Mario to punch, they made the sound effects cuter.

Miyamoto also noted that if Mario wasn’t allowed to punch, Super Smash Bros.

Would look like a completely different kind of game.

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Source: JapaneseNintendo, NintendoSoup