Mary Skelter Finale Japanese Limited Edition And Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

Looking forward to picking up Mary Skelter Finale from Japan?

Here’s what die-hard fans of the series can expect from the game’s physical release!

Along with the opening of an official website, Compile Heart has revealed new details about the Limited Edition bundle of the game, which will retail for 9,700 yen in Japan.

Bonus items with the bundle will include two CD soundtracks, an artbook, and a poster!

In addition to this, Compile Heart also shared more details about the game’s pre-order bonuses.

Namely, early customers will get access to a mini-poster and a download code for visual novel spin-off Love Prison Tower Mary Skelter: True End. Finally, Compile Heart will also be hosting a campaign where pre-ordering and retweeting the game will unlock more pre-order bonuses for fans – such as in-game costumes!

Check out more details below (translation courtesy of Gematsu):

Limited Edition

The 9,700 yen limited edition will include:

  • Kei Nanameda-illustrated box
  • Finale Music Collection (all music included)
  • Series Music Collection (all music included)
  • Finale and Series Art Collection (includes Yomoji Otono-written novel and staff commentary)
  • Bath poster

Big Three Pre-Order Bonuses

  • Love Prison Tower Mary Skelter: True End (Product Code) – The mysterious sequel to Love Prison Tower Mary Skelter, which was included with Mary Skelter 2, is included as a pre-order bonus with Mary Skelter Finale. Enjoy lovey-dovey swimsuit events with the Blood Maidens only obtainable via this pre-order bonus. It is fully voiced and has new event CG. There are no plans to release it as a standalone title in the future. (This game does not affect collection elements such as trophies.)
  • Finale Mini-Poster – An exclusive mini-poster with different characters depending on which version of the game you purchase (PlayStation 4 or Switch).
  • Product Code to Download the Additional Content Determined via Pre-Order and Support Amount – Compile Heart is hosting a campaign in which the “Jailbreak Distance” found on the campaign website increases as more consumers pre-order Mary Skelter: Finale, as well as by the number of tweets with the #メアリスケルター応援 hashtag. These are the goals:
    • 10,000km – Consumable Items (x3)
    • 50,000km – Early-Game Advantage Equipment (x5)
    • 100,000km – Mary Skelter: Nightmares Special Job Costume Set 1 Added
    • 135,000km – Mary Skelter: Nightmares Special Job Costume Set 2 Added
    • 170,000km – Purged Portrait Illustrations Added to the Gallery
    • 210,000km – Mary Skelter 2 Special Job Costume Set 1 Added
    • 245,000km – Mary Skelter 2 Special Job Costume Set 2 Added
    • 280,000km – Staff Voice Commentary Added
    • 315,000km – Death end re;Quest 2 Collaboration Costumes Unlocked
    • 350,000km – Cast Vice Commentary Added
    • 384,000km – Love Prison Tower Mary Skelter: True End: Adds Ending(s) That Let You Go All the Way with Each Character

Presently, there are no plans to localize the game for the west.

We’ll report back as we hear more!

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Source: NintendoSoup