Lurking Shadow Legendary Event Now Live For Pokemon Masters + Electric-Type Training Event

DeNA has started another round of in-game events for Pokemon Masters.

The first is the return of Lurking Shadow, the Legendary event which allows players to recruit Giovanni & Mewtwo.

Players who previously participated in the event will have their progress carried over. It will run from today until March 16th.

A Spotlight Scout banner featuring Karen & Houndoom, and Grimsley & Liepard will run during the same period.

In addition, a revamped Electric-Type Training Event will also be running from today till March 16th.

This event aims to help players train up their Electric-Type Sync Pairs, particularly the free sync pair Hau & Alolan Raichu, who will have a special upgrade in the shop to raise their Sync Move level.

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Source: NintendoSoup, Link 1