Katamari Damacy Reroll’s Developer Is Working On A Mystery Switch Project

It looks like the folks behind the return of Bandai Namco’s Katamari Damacy Reroll are now brewing up something else for Nintendo fans.

The website of Monkey Craft now lists a new Switch title in development, as shown above.

There are zero details as to what this game will actually be – but previous hints in the industry might give us a good clue as to what we can expect.

Namely, Monkey Craft also worked on Kotoba Puzzle Moji Pinttan Encore – another updated Switch port under Bandai Namco.

Bearing this in mind, the developer could be once again re-fitting another classic Bandai Namco property for Nintendo Switch.

It’s highly likely that this game might even a remake of either Mr. Driller or Klonoa since those titles received ratings in Japan last year!

We’ll report back if or when we hear more in the future.

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Source: NintendoSoup, GoNintendo, Monkeycraft