GAME UK Claims LEGO Super Mario Was Announced In A Nintendo Direct, Scrubs It Moments Later

A strange piece of news concerning the LEGO Super Mario collaboration has surfaced on GAME UK’s page for the upcoming products.

The retailer claimed that the LEGO Super Mario collaboration was announced in the “latest Nintendo Direct”.

But that’s incorrect, as LEGO Super Mario was announced through Nintendo’s official social media accounts.

This has led to some to speculate that there was supposed to be a Nintendo Direct but it was somehow canceled.

“Heard about the partnership between Lego and Nintendo?

The latest Nintendo Direct announced their exciting collaboration, the first time that the two big brands have worked together!

Details are limited at this stage, but we hope you are as excited as us!”

A few moments later, reference to the “latest Nintendo Direct” was removed from the page.

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Source: NintendoSoup, Nintenderos