Dragon Quest X: All In One Package Version 1 – 5 Announced In Japan

Square Enix has announced Dragon Quest X: All In One Package Version 1 – 5, a package that contains the first five versions of Dragon Quest X.

The package will be released for Nintendo Switch on May 14, 2020, for 5280 yen (includes consumption tax). It will include the following versions:

  • Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online (Version 1) Rise of the Five Tribes Online)
  • Dragon Quest X: Nemureru Yuusha to Michibiki no Meiyuu Online (Version 2) (The Sleeping Hero and the Guiding Sworn Friend Online)
  • Dragon Quest X: Inishie no Ryuu no Denshou Online (Version 3) (Legend of the Ancient Dragon Online)
  • Dragon Quest X: 5,000-Nen no Tabiji Harukanaru Kyuuri he Online (Version 4) (5,000 Year Journey to a Faraway Hometown Online)
  • Dragon Quest X: Ibara no Miko to Horobi no Kami Online (Version 5) (The Maiden of Thorns and the God of Destruction Online)

We’ll let you know once pre-orders go live on Amazon Japan.

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Source: NintendoSoup