DOOM Eternal dev says working at id Software is like a lifestyle, he lives and breathes his work

In the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about game developer crunch.

Devs pulling ridiculously long hours, making the final push to get a game out the door.

In an interview with GameSpot, DOOM Eternal creative director Hugo Martin is asked about crunch at id Software.

He gives a rather passionate and unique answer, which you can find below.

“It does not really crunch… this is going to sound hokey.

It’s like a lifestyle.

I live and breathe this.

No one makes me stay at the office. Even when I come home, I see my kids, I do my thing, and then I just do research.

(I) engross me in pop culture.

You have to ingest a ton of it, which means [this job] is 24/7.

I get up really early; I try to do the exercise thing… then I come home, send the kids to school.

Then I have about two hours where the house is empty and I’ll just play games.”

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Source: GoNintendo