Americas eShop Update: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX, Afterparty, Darts

This week’s eShop update:

  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch
    • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX– What if you woke up one day and you were a Pokémon? You can meet and recruit over 400 Pokémon in a dungeon-crawling adventure within their world! Build a rescue team to take on mysterious, changing dungeons and strategically plan your moves as you venture forth to make the Pokémon world a safer place … and uncover your true purpose along the way. The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX game will be available on March 6.
    • Murder by Numbers – Honor Mizrahi was just an actress on a hit TV detective show. But when her boss ends up dead just minutes after he fires her, she finds herself starring in her own murder mystery. Teaming up with SCOUT, a reconnaissance robot thrown away after a mysterious incident, she sets out to clear her name – and a new detective duo is born. Solve Pixel Puzzles to find clues, then use the clues to interrogate witnesses. Work your way to the truth and uncover the mystery of Murder by Numbers!


  • Conjure up More Multiplayer* Scares in Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Watch out, Luigi! A ghastly wave of new ghosts and content has arrived. The Luigi’s Mansion 3 Multiplayer Pack – Part 1 is now available, and this paid DLC** adds three new costumes that Luigi can don in the ScareScraper mode. It also adds matching themes in the ScareScraper mode that transform the appearance of the tower’s floors, as well as themed ghosts. Take a stroll over to the multiplayer ScreamPark mode too, where three new madcap mini-games await. The Luigi’s Mansion 3 Multiplayer Pack DLC includes both Part 1 and Part 2 and can be purchased together for $9.99 in Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch system. Part 2 will launch by the end of July.

Nintendo eShop sales:

  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U
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Also, new this week in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch:

  • Afterparty – Available March 6
  • Amoeba Battle – Microscopic RTS Action
  • Arcade Archives P.O.W. -PRISONERS OF WAR-
  • Bleed Complete Bundle
  • Breeder Homegrown: Director’s Cut – Available March 6
  • Darts
  • Dude, Stop
  • Flight Sim 2019
  • ibb & obb
  • Kairobotica
  • Langrisser I & II – Available March 10
  • Lost Horizon
  • Save Koch – Available March 6
  • Swordbreaker The Game – Available March 6
  • Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet
  • Troubleshooter – Available March 6
  • Unlock The King
  • Welcome to Primrose Lake – Available March 7
  • Wunderling

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