Translates What Pikachu Says Into English (Pokemon Translator)

In the Pokemon anime, Ash Ketchum frequently talks to Pikachu and seems to understand what he says.

 Now, we have found that there’s actually some meaning behind Pikachu’s “Pika Pika” cries.

Pokemon translator and analyst Creative-Person has discovered that the various combinations of sound that Pikachu makes actually refer to people, Pokemon, and different phrases.

Here’s a chart that shows what Pikachu means whenever he goes Pika Pika:


Pika Pikachu = My name is Pikachu

Pi? = What?

Pi-ka = Yes

Pi-ka-chu = Are you alright?


Pikaaaaa-chuuuu = Thunder

Piiika-chuuuu = Thunderbolt

Pikapikapika… pi-ka = Volt Tackle

Pipipipipipi-chuchuchu = Agility

Chuu-pika = Iron Tail


Pikapi = Ash

Pikachu-pi = Misty

Pika-chu = Brock

Pikaka = Dawn

Pipipi = Togepi

PikakaPika = Bulbasaur

PikaPika = Squirtle / Staraptor / Infernape

Pipi-kachu = Team Rocket

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Reference: NintendoSoup