Pokemon HOME Receives More Details About Nintendo Account Connectivity And The Free Box

The Japanese FAQ for Pokemon Home has revealed some additional details about how the service will work when it launches this month.

The FAQ now includes sections clarifying the benefits of linking a Nintendo Account, as well as how Free and Premium Pokemon Boxes work.

You can check out translations below, as published by Serebii:

  • You don’t need a Nintendo Account to run the mobile version of the app.
    • You can connect it to your account at any time.
  • Without a Nintendo Account connected, you won’t be able to share data with the Nintendo Switch version, transfer from Pokémon Bank using the Nintendo Network ID method (Premium Subscriptions only), checking Nintendo Switch Battle Data or transferring the Pokémon HOME data to another phone.
  •  The game itself has a Free Box, this box allows for you to transfer from Let’s Go, Sword & Shield or receive Mystery Gifts without the Premium Plan, and then it has more boxes for the Premium Plan users.
  • If your plan lapses and you have space in the Free Box, you will not be able to move Pokémon from Premium Boxes until you have renewed your Premium Subscription.

Pokemon Home is scheduled to launch for Switch and Mobile sometime this February.

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Source: NintendoSoup