Mega Man X Novelization Receives English Fan Translation

Want to experience the original Mega Man X in a whole new way?

Now you can do so with a quiet night and a cup of tea!

Back in 2017, Capcom published a novelization titled Rockman X The Novel -Irregulars Report- – based on the game’s manga adaptation.

Of course, the book never saw a western localization and was left on the fringes of the Mega Man community for awhile.

Some folks even attempted a translation of the book, but eventually dropped the project.

Thanks to series fan @Bapgei, however, that fan translation is now complete!

The grammar isn’t entirely elegant (as with most Japanese-to-English translations), but all 13 chapters are now readable in English!

Even if you don’t want to read through the whole thing, you’ll still find some beautiful illustrations by Yoshihiro Iwamoto within its pages!

You can access the translation over here.

If you wish to support the original creators of the book, you can also purchase the Japanese novel in physical form via Amazon Japan.

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Source: NintendoSoup