How To Obtain Ash Cap Pikachu In Pokemon Sword And Shield

After the release of Pokemon Home, Reddit user PunishingCrab discovered that it was possible to bring Ash Cap Pikachu into Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Here’s how Ash Cap Pikachu looks like in Pokemon Sword and Shield:

You can obtain yours with 3 easy steps.

First, you have to scan one of the QR codes below in Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon on Nintendo 3DS.

The first QR code is for the Japanese version, second for North America and Europe, third for Taiwan, and fourth for Korea:

After scanning the QR code, you have to go to Route 4 and enter the Pikachu Valley.

Talk to the delivery man at the Pikachu Valley to receive the Ash Cap Pikachu.

The next step is to bring this Pokemon into Pokemon Bank on Nintendo 3DS, and then transferring it to Pokemon Home on Nintendo Switch.

From Pokemon Home, you can bring it into Pokemon Sword/Shield.

Please note you must have a Premium Plan subscription on Pokemon Home in order to transfer your Pokemon from Pokemon Bank to Pokemon Home.

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Source: NintendoSoup, Nintenderos, Dexerto