Famitsu Survey Shows 88% Out Of 900 Readers Are Buying The Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass

Earlier this year, The Pokemon Company announced the Pokemon Sword And Shield Expansion Pass, which adds promises to add new areas, Pokemon and other features to the games.

In a poll conducted by Japanese magazine Famitsu, 900 readers were asked whether they were interested in the Pokemon Sword And Shield Expansion Pass.

The breakdown of the results was as follows:

  • 88% said they intended to purchase the pass.
  • 10% said they were undecided.
  • 2% said they were not interested.

From this, we can see that many fans are interested in picking up the expansion pass in Japan, which is not unsurprising given the positive reception the initial announcement received there.

Source: JapaneseNintendo, NintendoSoup, Nintenderos