Dynamax Mewtwo Event Now Live For Pokemon Sword And Shield

The Pokemon Company has announced a new Raid Battle event for Pokemon Sword And Shield.

To commemorate Pokemon Day, Mewtwo and the Kanto Starters will have a higher chance of appearing in a Max Raid Battle.

Unfortunately, it seems Mewtwo cannot be captured but will give out great rewards if defeated.

According to what has been shared, from now until March 2, Mewtwo and Kanto’s initial Pokémon will begin to appear more frequently in the Dinamax Raids of the game, although Mewtwo cannot be captured.

In addition, Grimmsnarl, Kingler, Hatterene, Orbeetle and Toxtricity Gigamax continue to appear in these raids.

  • Kingler (Pokémon Sword)
  • Grimmsnarl (Pokémon Sword)
  • Orbeetle (Pokémon Shield)
  • Hatterene (Pokémon Shield)
  • Toxtricity (Pokémon Sword: Acute form;
  • Pokémon Shield: Serious form)

Check out the trailer for the event below:

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Source: Nintenderos, NintendoSoup, Serebii